Uncharted Waters Ahead…

Uncharted Waters

A new day. New paths to explore. New challenges. I see this as a time to build a much greater understanding of who we are as a nation, to call out the truths of where we’re going, to stand for our values that honor and respect each other. and to forge a new way forward.

This is not a time to blame, scapegoat or sink into fight or flight responses. All the energy put into negative responses and denial is just lost…

Let’s tell the truth about what’s happening in our world. More […]

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Streaming, dripping, wet,

Stress, concerns, distractions slip

Quietly to earth

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Business, Life, and Focus Pivot…Finally!


Me in the dark at night confused and wondering how I can make my dent in the universe while I confront the infinite possibilities available to me. I torment myself by asking why I struggle with this. Why can’t I choose, then proceed. What stops me. I’m a decisive person, and action oriented, in just about everything I do. Except I have trouble getting clarity and taking focused action to follow my own path. I want lots of options and then I freeze with indecision about what to do next.

I spent the last […]

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